Over the years, we have been visited by a range of writers and journalists. Here are some of the nice things they wrote about the Malthouse:

More press clippings coming soon!.

Many otherwise stoic Wellington beer lovers shed a little tear at the end of 2006 when the beloved Malthouse on Willis Street closed its doors. Their building was being redeveloped into yet another stack of shops, offices and apartments and the bar which served the largest range of beer in New Zealand was forced to seek a new home.

That new home turned out to be 48 Courtenay Place – the heart of party central. The space previously occupied by the rather seedy Seam Bar was transformed into a beer aficionado’s paradise and a darn good bar to boot.

The new Malthouse is a bar which truly ‘gets’ beer. I believe there is a beer out there for everyone and this is the place to find it.

Neil Miller
The Wellingtonian