Staff Profiles in Courage: Ryan Mann
Monday, 16 March 2020 16:13

Staff Profiles in Courage: Ryan Mann

There’s a new crew on deck at the mighty Malthouse.

Old faces have left for new adventures, replaced by a new international team who have put in many hours of Malthouse research at their own expense. And the ever-stalwart Makka is still behind the bar winning customers over with his extensive beer knowledge.

The new Captain of the good ship Malthouse is new General Manager Ryan Mann. Ryan spoke to the ‘house blog this week:

“I’ve been here for three weeks now. I was running a bar called Birdcage prior to this. It’s on Dixon Street, a little dive bar with craft beer, cocktails and the hospo crowd. Prior to that working for Mojo coffee at the airport – starting at three in the morning is weird!

“I came to New Zealand in 2011 for the Rugby World Cup, supporting Wales, and I stayed. I was from Wales originally and grew up in England. My old boss’s daughter was sick and he gave me his tickets, I was like OK! I was working in “Polynesian Tiki” bars in the UK. Met my wife here, been married for five years – it’s the old story!

“I was working at the Grand (Courtenay Place, over the road from the ‘house), then Mojo, Birdcage and now here.

“I’ve been a regular here for the last eight years and previous managers are old friends. Kieran is one of my best friends and Makka is one of my wife’s best friends. So it was nice to be asked to come in here on the other side of the bar.

“The customers here know what they like in a beer and like to give feedback. They’re not afraid to experiment and that’s what you want when you’ve got 30 taps.

“The West Coast IPA Challenge is one of the most amazing beer events for me. What Colin did is great and the way the brewers get behind it is phenomenal. And it’s hell of a fun knees up with great people.

“And we’ve got Sourfest coming up real soon too. That’s always very popular. And at the other end of the range, I do love Darkest Days. I enjoy a good dark stout. I couldn’t make it last year and turned up the next day and a lot had sold out.

“The crowd here is extremely different to other Courtenay Place bars. This is so much of an institution for beer lovers. They’ve got good beer knowledge already so you have to be on point. I can’t just repeat last week’s order from DB like I used to at other places. We get a lot of tourists coming here because they know the Malthouse has a good range of beers.

“We’re are pretty much new team now, apart from Makka. Myself, Charlotte, Rachael, Cormac and Chris have all started this year. We want to keep the place driving forward. We’re all here to drink good beer and have a good time. We want to have some good events here, bands, brewery parties. We’ve got a glam rock night with Boneface planned, and a Maiden/Duncan's brewing disco night coming up too. We want to have a party on Courtenay Place without being like everyone else on Courtenay Place.”

Malthouse events

Friday March 20 – International Day of Happiness – Most Behemoth tap takeover. Join us for a the International Day of Happiness for Behemoth’s biggest ever tap takeover! 20 kegs of Behemoth Goodness.  Old classics, new fun stuff and overall awesome beer and good times.

3 & 4 April – Sourfest 2020 – Sourfest 2020 has landed in Wellington! 28 Sour beers pouring with new releases, old favorites and much much more from all of your favorite breweries! We also have some cracking sour beers in the Malthouse vault that you simply will not see anywhere else in New Zealand, and will pouring at Sourfest 2020!